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Floor Plans


Need a floor plan drawn up of the property that your selling? Our Photographers are all trained to do a measure and draw of a to scale floor plan while they are on job photographing the house. If you just need a floor plan drawn that's no worries at all either.

Floor Plans can be drawn with furniture inserted into the drawing or left clean and plan. Both costs the same so the choice is yours! We can even personalise the colour of the floor plan to your branding for only an extra $10 

Below are some of our Floor Plan examples


115 Bluestone Drive Mount Barker115 Bluestone Drive Mount Barker 115 Bluestone Drive Mount Barker Plain115 Bluestone Drive Mount Barker Plain
Unit 3-56 Atlantis Ave Seaford Meadows ColourUnit 3-56 Atlantis Ave Seaford Meadows Colour 14 Telegraph Road Seaford Meadows Yellow14 Telegraph Road Seaford Meadows Yellow